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Breaking News!!! (July 2012)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Industrial Commission changes Continuance Policy over the next 60 days!

On July 10, 2012,  the Industrial Commission has issued Resolution No. R12-1-01 modifying the current Continuance rules.

Beginning July 11 through September 8, 2012,  hearings will be docketed according to new rules.

Specifically,  hearings will no longer be docketed by how many attorneys are designated in a specific office, and conflicting Industrial Commission hearings can no longer be used as a justification for continuances.

The full text of the Resolution is available on the Industrial Commission website.  With the impetus for hearings to be held faster,  it is crucial that an employer have an immediate defense strategy in place to dispute allowances, additional allowances or treatment authorizations.

Timely evaluation of these issues will lessen the reliance on future continuance requests.

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