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Workers’ Compensation Employer Defense

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Employer Defense Attorney

Communication and accountability are the foundation of any good working relationship. Clients work one-on-one with Lisa Patterson to develop preventative training programs and defense strategy.

Representation of workers’ compensation claims does not begin at the hearing table, but with the education of each employer’s employees. Ms. Patterson is active in developing and implementing on-site training for injury reporting, accident investigation of both injuries and occupational diseases and injury prevention through training.

The defense of each claim is tailored to the needs and concerns of each client and the individual factors involved in each workers’ compensation claim.

You can rely on LL Patterson LLC to focus on your Ohio workers’ compensation employer defense needs and goals, to represent you aggressively, fairly and ethically. Ms. Patterson’s track record and reputation for excellence in the state of Ohio has grown out of her dedication to building long-lasting client relationships.

Call today for an initial consultation. There is never a charge or obligation for us to review your situation and determine how you can be best served.