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Where is the winning for Employers in Ohio workers’ compensation?

Friday, January 5, 2024

ANSWER: For an Employer, having a worker injured on the job is an immediate loss to both the Injured Worker and the Employer. The Employers I represent are not in the business to injure workers, and understand that when the system is working as it is intended the Injured worker receives the treatment they require, they heal and they return to work.  

QUESTION: But what about those contested claims?

ANSWER: As an attorney, I have one job when involved in a claim:

1) get it denied, 2) get it settled and 3) get it closed. 

My focus is always bringing a claim to its conclusion quickly. The longer the claim continues, the more treatment, the more compensation, and more importantly the more litigation costs can result in an unmanageable claim.  If an outright denial cannot be secured it’s important that defense strategies are put in place to limit treatment/compensation. 

All attorneys get unfavorable decisions, but it’s a challenge to continue to work through one in a creative way to achieve the goal.  The focus in defending workers’ compensation claims should not be on a single issue or single hearing, but on the projected mapping of the life of the claim; what happens between and after hearings is every bit as important as what takes place at the hearings.

Find an attorney that’s more focused on concluding the war, rather than winning the battle.   

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